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Rethinking root canals

NYC Board Certified Endodontist Dr. Jamie Lee and her team perform minimally invasive root canal treatments using state-of-the-art microscopic technology combined with a calming patient approach and expertise in the field at New York Endodontics Studio.

With endodontic treatment as their specialty, our team emphasizes patient-centered care, a conservative approach, and always has your comfort, before, during, and after treatment, as our priority. Dr. Lee and her team use a “Save the Tooth” surgical microscope approach aims to keep as much of the natural tooth structure as possible, and, ideally, keeping the actual tooth.

What is root canal treatment?

Getting endodontic treatment, better known as a root canal, is a procedure that is used to treat dental pain and tooth infection caused by an inflamed, infected and/or dead nerve. This procedure repairs, and ideally, saves the tooth that is decayed or infected. During a minimally invasive root canal procedure, the team at New York Endodontics Studio will remove the tooth nerve and clean and disinfect the tooth, and then seal the inside of the tooth. Without such treatment, the tissue around the tooth may become infected possibly leading to the loss of your tooth.

How do I know if I need root canal treatment?

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, we recommend you make an appointment at one of our NYC practices in Midtown and Lower Manhattan or Central Park South to be evaluated by Dr. Jamie Y. Lee and her team to see if you are in need of root canal treatment.

  • You have a painful or throbbing tooth
  • Your tooth is sensitive to hot and cold
  • You have a damaged tooth
  • You have swollen or tender gums around a tooth or teeth

What can I expect during a root canal treatment?

At New York Endodontics Studio, our expert team will explain the process, what to expect, and answer any questions you may have. The affected tooth is numbed with a local anesthetic making it a pain-free procedure. If you are feeling nervous, we also offers nitrous oxide gas, a mild sedative that can help relieve anxiety before and during the procedure if requested.

My tooth is discolored. What can be done?

Sometimes a tooth that requires root canal treatment is discolored from the trauma on the tooth. Because the discoloration is on the inside of the tooth instead of on the outer enamel structure, traditional whitening treatments may not be effective.

At New York Endodontics Studio, Dr. Jamie Y. Lee and her team may be able to restore the color of your tooth with internal bleaching during the root canal therapy process. In contrast to traditional tooth whitening, where whitening agents are applied to the outside of the tooth, internal bleaching is completed from the inside out.

Benefits of internal bleaching:

  • It is a safe treatment that provides predictable whitening results, even on a dark tooth.
  • The procedure can be completed during the root canal procedure.
  • Unlike implants, veneers and crowns, internal tooth whitening conserves the tooth structure.

Open to same-day appointments during regular office hours, the team at New York Endodontics Studio can diagnose and treat your tooth pain with precision and warmth. She takes her time with you, offering both her expertise and comfort. Dr. Lee and her team are your choice New York City endodontist specialists.

Make an APPOINTMENT with NYC Board Certified Endodontist Dr. Jamie Y. Lee and her team at New York Endodontics Studio to see if your tooth pain is in need of root canal treatment. You can also CALL US NOW.

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